The facilities of our equestrian club, very close to Vilanova, are spacious and ideal for birthday party celebrations. Our ponies and horses are calm and well cared for and enjoy the company of children of all ages. We only host one celebration per time slot, so that the time when it is the child’s birthday, it is his moment and he can enjoy it with his friends and family. Birthday parties with horses in Rosper are special, original, fun, unique and dynamic for both children and parents who want to accompany their children and see them enjoy themselves. We organize birthday parties with horses from 3 years of age.



Rosper was born in 1999 as a result of the family illusion to create quality facilities in a special environment where we can share our passion for horses. We work to spread the benefits of the connection between animals and people of all ages, and we love to teach classes in which students enjoy learning, not only to ride at the best level, but to interact with horses in a careful and careful way. respectful.

Come visit us at the facilities of our equestrian club in Vilanova and discover our birthday parties. We are very close to the center of Vilanova i la Geltrú but nature and calm are breathed in the environment. We take care that our animals are well cared for and the facilities clean.

Before starting the activity, all participants meet in the grass area, in front of the office, where the monitors will briefly explain the safety regulations and different equipment, in case of large groups.

There are different activities to choose from. Of the different activities available, 2 are chosen in groups of 7 to 14 children that take place in 1 hour and 3 in groups of 15 or more children that take place in 1.5 hours.

After and during the activity, you can book a private picnic area to decorate and personalise as you wish. It includes picnic tables for you to be able to setup food and for non participants to sit down throughout the duration of the activities.

You can bring any desired food and drinks and you will be able to set everything up in the picnic table area we will book for you.

We have a fridge in case you want to keep something cold.

After lunch the children have free time to play in the garden area, delimited in front of the social premises. Children are not allowed to be unsupervised outside the delimited area. They are under the supervision of their parents.


When celebrating birthday parties at the facilities of our equestrian club in Vilanova, a series of schedules must be respected.

  • The full birthday has a total duration of approximately 3 hours.
  • The activities with ponies and horses last approximately:
  • Groups of 7 to 14 children: 1 hour for 2 activities
  • Groups of 15 or more children: 1.5 hours for 3 activities

We make birthday reservations both weekdays and weekends:

  • Monday to Friday afternoons
  • Saturday afternoons
  • Sunday mornings




    • Includes activities and use of area
    20€ cleaning charge is required



    • Includes activities during 1h-1h30m
    Common services can be used



    • Barbecue area rental (from 11am to 7pm)
    Activities € 14 / child for 1h-1h30m

“An unforgettable birthday party”

Activities carried out


Balance and confidence exercises. The children practice different figures on the horse, which is controlled by the monitor. You do not need experience and it can be done from the age of 5.


Games with agility ponies, fun and dynamic that are carried out in teams: The scarf, the labyrinth, etc. It can be done from the age of 8 and experience is not necessary.


The little ones can get carried by Duna and her carriage. Great for 3-6 year old girls and boys who may be more afraid to ride. A fun way to build confidence.


The respectful and relaxing activity allows a very close contact with the ponies. In small groups they will learn to brush and will be stroking for a while. Available from 3 years.


Our paint shop is always a great success. Great for the most creative children who can also take home a personalized gift for an original birthday. (Supplement € 1 / child)


Pony rides can never be absent. A route inside the facilities that allows you to connect with them. The number of participants ranges from 2 to 4 ponies. Since 3 years old.

Complementary activities

If you want to expand the number of contracted activities, a supplement of € 2 / child will be applied. At the time of free play, other activities outside the club can be hired: entertainers, face painting, bubbles, storytelling, etc. Think about what you want and we will give you the budget. In case you want to bring piñatas, these cannot contain confetti or plastic shavings.

On a farm with 6 hectares of land with areas of vineyards, fruit trees and the emblematic presence of our great centenary pine, you can enjoy incredible facilities. Located very close to Vilanova, our equestrian club is perfect for celebrating birthday parties.


The number of children must be specified 48 hours before the activity. All participants who carry out the activity or eat will be counted. In case there are fewer children on the day of the activity, the reserved number must be paid, always being a minimum of 7. At the time of booking, € 20 must be paid, which will be charged to the activity.


It is recommended to bring long trousers and it is essential to wear closed shoes. We take care of the safety equipment, but if you want your own helmet, you can bring a bicycle, for example. Another important aspect is punctuality. It is best to meet all participants at the center BEFORE the scheduled time. Due to schedule reasons, the activity will begin at the stipulated time, losing the time of the delay.


Children may not disperse around the center without adult supervision. They cannot go alone to see the horses or feed them. Please do not run, or shout, respect the other clients of the center and do not alter the behavior of the animals. Although the monitors are there at all times during activity, we ask parents to take responsibility for children who are waiting their turn.

Changes and cancellations

Any cancellation within 1 week of the activity will result in the loss of the € 20 deposit. If the weather forecast is bad, the date of the activity can be changed 48 hours before the scheduled date. In the event that, due to weather issues, the previously scheduled activity cannot be carried out, the center will carry out complementary activities that are feasible for safety reasons. The number of participants will be confirmed 48 hours before the activity. If they are less, the reserved number must be paid. If there are more, the total number of participants must be paid.




Choose 2 activities in groups of 7 to 14 children and 3 activities in groups of more than 15 children. If you want to expand the number of activities, it is an amount of + € 2 / child.