Rosper was born in 1999 as a result of the family’s illusion to create quality facilities in a special environment where we can share our passion for horses. In our equestrian club in Vilanova we work to spread the benefits of the connection between animals and people of all ages, and we love to teach classes in which students enjoy learning.

We are a Riding School approved by the Catalan Horse Riding Federation that is committed to the quality of teaching and respect for students and animals through a theoretical-practical approach and positive reinforcement at all levels of riding. With our values ​​and the effort of our team, we want to be your equestrian club in Vilanova.

Would you like to enroll in our equestrian school?



Respect and love for animals is the basic pillar of our school. Knowing how to take care of them and interact with them is essential to be able to enjoy their company and sport.


Positive reinforcement helps our students improve their self-esteem and confidence, while staying motivated to evolve in their learning.


Adapting to each age and level we promote a global education. We complement the practical classes with management and theory, which allow us to understand the concepts from the beginning of the training to the most advanced and specialised levels.

On a farm with 6 hectares of land with areas of vineyards, fruit trees and the emblematic presence of our great centenary pine, you can enjoy incredible facilities


Our riding lessons for boys and girls from 4 to 6 years old. A perfect opportunity for them to learn to interact safely with ponies and learn by playing how horses live.

The ideal place to discover the incredible world of horse riding. We take the time to get to know each student to find the way of teaching that works best for them. Here we are a big family.

If you are curious about horseback riding, this activity is for you. Ideal for a first contact. With our teachers you can enjoy the horses and learn to relate and ride.


We have a great team of jump riders of different ages and levels. Each one has a training plan to achieve great achievements in Rosper, learning the most with each step.

Our dressage team is made up of riders of all ages who share the illusion of perfecting every movement of the horse.

We carry out courses to help you obtain your official accreditations, as well as offering careers advice and practise.

We have different accommodation methods adapted to each characteristic. Our staff goes out of their way to offer personalised attention to all horses and owners. We are respectful with all animals and we seek tailor-made solutions for each one.


Nature, animals, games and… lots of fun! Do you want a different birthday? Come and enjoy the activities with the ponies and horses of our center.

We carry out pony rides in our 6 hectares of facilities, where the little ones can enjoy their first experiences on horseback. They will love it and will not forget it!

The location of our equestrian club in Vilanova is unbeatable. together with the Garraf natural park it allows us to take some truly incredible routes. Enjoy routes of one or two hours.


Our apartment located within the Equestrian Center transmits tranquility. Come sit on your terrace and enjoy the views, with our centenary pine as a frame, of Vilanova with the sea in the background. We are proud to think that over the years, our accommodation has become one of our greatest achievements. With an incredible space for 8 people and being able to host up to 10 if requested, we have had guests of all ages and countries, who have equally enjoyed the incredible facilities. Come and enjoy rural accommodation in our equestrian club in Vilanova.